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Most WordPress problems are easy to fix!


Is your WordPress website down?
Are your pages displaying errors or code instead of content? Blank white page? Broken theme? Failed plugin? Are you unable to log into wp-admin or is your site infected with malware?

If the answer is yes then your at the right place because we can help. wpconnected.com can get you back into your self hosted site or wordpress.com site and restore your WordPress blog back to its former glory. Just click the FIX WP button above and fill out the form and let us get you WordPress site wpconnected!
You can also click the tools button for additional help. If you are stuck and dont know what to do feel free to contact us with any WordPress related question that you might have.

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WordPress is the leading CMS with both hosted and self-hosted options available. WordPress is completely open source and free to host with any webhosting provider of your choice.

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In addition to the core WordPress, you can also get plugins and themes to add both design and functionality to your blog or site.